March 11th, 2017

    Arlington First Baptist Church

The Yadkin County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association held its 22nd annual awards banquet hosted by Arlington Fire & Rescue at Arlington First Baptist Church. Our President, Dale Couch, open the banquet with welcoming our guest and visitors. Our chaplain, Mark Shoaf, lead in prayer before our dinner by Regal Catering.

Following the meal, our guest speaker for the night was Yadkin County Emeregency Services Director, Keith Vestal. He spoke on Fire and Rescue Alternative Services and The Decreasing Resources to Provide Them.

President Couch took a moment to remind us of the eight members that died this past year, followed with a moment of silence.

President Couch recognized Communications Manager,
Christi Colbert. She presented as to how the Telecommunicator of the Year was obtained this year. This year's recipient has been awarded to Teresa Cranfill.

Secretary, Dale Potts, presented the nominations for
Rescue Member of the Year:
William Jarvis,
Caleb Madison &
John Matthews II.

This year's recipient has been awarded to William Jarvis from Yadkin County Rescue Squad.

President Couch presented the nominations for
Fire Fighter of the Year award:
Austin Groce from Forbush,
Billy Barringer from Yadkinville,
Austin Davis from East Bend,
Benjamin Hobson from Fall Creek,
Sammy Allen from Arlington,
Andrew King from Courtney &
Tyler Blake from Buck Shoals.

This year's recipient has been awarded to Sammy Allen from Arlington Fire & Rescue.

President Couch presented the nominations for
Officer of the Year:
Jeff Hinshaw from Yadkin Rescue,
Colt Poindexter from Forbush,
Nickolas Lovelace from Yadkinville,
Ray Cline from Boonville,
Brandon Doub from East Bend,
Jody Vestal from Fall Creek,
Jimmy Floyd from Arlington,
Kevin Beamon from Courtney, &
Chris Cheek from Buck Shoals.

Brandon Doub from East Bend VFD is this year's recipient.

President Couch presented a closing challenge to the members present on The Silent Killer “die with their boots off."